Photography is a way of life for me; a way of experiencing my life and the world... a doorway, an invitation, a seduction... a gateway to attention and presence. I've come to understand, over the years, that the gifts of photography are not so much about the end product, but about what I have been privileged to see, to experience, to learn and share. I've come to trust the mystery of what is being revealed to me, and in those moments of grace, I can sense the profound interconnection of all livings things, into which I am woven. Photography was and is my first and primary form of meditation practice.

Photographing home place, Saskatchewan, is one of my greatest joys... heading out on the grids, camera in hand, called by the light, the changing vitality of the skies, the textures and tones of changing seasons, being surprised and invited at every turn. My Saskatchewan body of work is substantial, and includes rural and urban landscape, trees, flowers, water, buildings, creatures, skies, forests, as well as interpretive, more impressionistic expressions. I travel extensively and have images available ranging from Haida Gwaii (The Queen Charlotte Islands) in British Columbia, to The Lake District in England.

Work for individual and corporate clients includes: contracted photo shoots of locations and events; providing images for promotional materials, books, websites, CD artwork, and portfolios. My work, in the form of photographic prints, canvas prints and original photographic greeting cards, is available in a variety of retail outlets.

I work with both colour transparency film and digital imagery. I engage on the edges of the literal, using a variety of techniques to capture the felt-sense of what I am seeing and experiencing, that includes but is not limited to: layering of images of the same or different subjects, camera movement, and multiple exposure. I have a fondness for working with colour transparency film, physically layering pieces of film, one on the other, then scanning to produce a digital print. I value the spirit and integrity of the subject matter and carry the intention to respect it in the ways that I use and reproduce the images.

Portrait photo by R. Blaser